The Wiz Coming to Life  

Progression of The Wiz  

Laniyah Dingle, Reporter

Charleston, SC 

Wiz actors have continued to rehearse their performance over the past couple of months and have gotten the cast members out on stage. The production crew and soundtrack have been selected as well. 

The actors have had over 20 rehearsals so far, 2-hour long rehearsals on the weekends from 4-6 and 4-hour long rehearsals on Saturdays from 10-2. They are continuing to rehearse up until the last moment. The play dates are March 31, April 1st, and April 2nd.

The cast members have rehearsed in the theater room, dance room, auditorium, and choir room which correlates to the part of the play that they have prepared for skillfully. 

The following cast member had been selected: Lucy Gunter as Aunt Em, Aaron Anderson as Dorothy, Brandon Goodwin as Uncle Henry and Lion, Kayla Barron as Addaperle, Dorian Mitchell as the Scarecrow, Jaylen Holmes as Tinman, Dylan LaCroix as the Gatekeeper, Journey Townsend as The Wiz, Sarai McAlister as Evillene, Antwan Cummings as Lord High Underling, Rodney Payden as the Soldier Messenger, Kailyn Anderson as a winged monkey, Elsie Beasley as Glinda, and the ensemble includes: Jaylin Robinson, Joshua Wilson, Dylan, LaCroix, Antwan Cummings, Nicolette Pardo, Camille English, Mike Hart, Dejai Hyche, San’Tonio Jenkins, Candice Huggins, Susu Nguyen, Noah Hullinger, Lakayla Henryhand, Kailyn Anderson, Gabby Kaszuba, Rodney Payden, and Regan Eichelberg.

The original soundtrack of The Wiz will be used during the play, and the soundtrack includes 26 songs: Main Title, Overture, The Feeling That We Have, Can I Go On, Glinda’s theme, He’s The Wizard, Soon As I get Home, You Can’t Win, Ease On Down The Road #1, Slide Some Oil To Me, Ease On Down The Road #2, Mean Ole Lion, Ease On Down The Road #3, Poppy Girls, Be A Lion, End Of The Yellow Brick Road, Emerald City Sequence, So You Wanted To See The Wizard, Is This What Feeling Gets, Don’t Nobody Bring Me No Bad News, Believe In Yourself, The Good Witch Glinda, Believe In Yourself Reprise, and Home.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to the auditorium and purchase your tickets for $10 unless you have the senior package and you can get in for free and lunch will be provided.

Here is a list of the first 5 songs that will be performed.
The cast members and roles were sent out February 14th via email to the lucky cast members.