FDHS Visual Art Showcase

Art exhibit 

Laniyah M. Dingle  

Charleston, SC  

The Fort Dorchester High School Visual Arts department showed off some of its best artwork in the front lobby of the school. The show started on December 9, 2021  at 5:30pm, right before the band concert kicked off. It was open to the public for all to see. Some of the digital art was even displayed on the television screens all around the campus. The artwork featured the hard work of students from the photography, media arts, art 1, 3 and 4 classes. The stunning art work showcased the varied projects that the students have covered so far this year. 

FDHS art teacher Mrs. Amy Stewart said, “I hope that this art show will give a bit of exposure to the other students at our school, so they can see the different opportunities and projects that the art department have to offer, allowing everyone to realize what fun will come from taking these classes. It also allows our art students to put their artwork out there!”

Another FDHS art teacher Mr. Morrissey said, “I one day hope that this art show will show off the students challenging work and allow FDHS to take pride in the students’ art. It will also allow other students to see the quality of their work and inspire them to create their own artwork and join the art classes.”  

Many spectators came out to see the wide range of artwork that included paintings, sketches, and

Art 2 students worked on color pencil and charcoal shading techniques and created ring pop drawings and paper bags for their projects.
Art 4 students took their time completing their self-portraits for the showcase. This is 12th grader Anika Henneman’s progress on her self- portrait.


Students demonstrated their charcoal shading techniques to create realistic pieces.