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How to be Creative
April 30, 2024

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    How to be Creative

    Student Choreographers Share the Secret

    When the word “Artist” is most commonly represented in an art, dance, or music field, it can be hard to remember that everyone is an artist. From dentists who creatively use shapes and patterns for braces, to engineers who have to use creative design and planning to get a job done. With that in mind, participating in a non-traditional art form does not make someone less creative than a writer or a painter. Similarly, everyone can struggle with art block, and the FDHS dancers recently tackled this as they prepared for their annual Student Choreography Showcase, in which they had to think outside the box and quickly create a performance.

    On April 12th, the FDHS dance department hosted and performed in the Student Choreography showcase. Freshman choreographer Mia Higuera shared that she thought, “it went very well and everybody performed extremely well!” The showcase was mainly to highlight and celebrate the honors students’ ability to be creative, but non-honors dancers could audition to participate as well. After District Dance Day on March 12th, the dancers got right back to work to prepare duets, solos, trios and group dances to show their ability and innovation. They performed during the 2nd and 3rd periods of school in front of multiple classes, and even foreign exchange students. These students have said that watching the dances made them feel welcome and comfortable being in a new school and country. They also expressed that they saw pieces of their home and culture within the dances.

    The dancers elegantly and stylishly performed in front of students and teachers with aesthetically pleasing lights; dressed in all black for a clean look. Student choreographers chose their own music and did not disappoint, songs from Beyonce and Cassie for example kept the audience dancing along in their seats. Even so, what challenges did the dance department face in the process? Head of the dance department and teacher, Ms Zimone Mincey replied, “I wish we had more time and a bigger budget.” Similarly, what did they do to overcome the challenges to achieve success?

    Firstly, Higuera states “I got stuck a lot of times thinking about what to do next, but the most important factor is figuring out what goes with the music.” Getting out of art blocks requires enhanced thinking which also stimulates and strengthens the mind and body. Dancers have to make sure their choreography goes with the beat and vibe of their song, so it may be helpful to take a second to sit, listen, and feel the music without thinking about movement. Similarly, Sophomore choreographer Rayna Hill discussed, “I got stuck most of the time but choreographed in sections.” This may be different from other choreographers who make dances from start to finish, which shows that looking at a problem from a different angle can help greatly. She also expressed that to get unstuck she “started moving around the space.” Learning about your body and the way movement feels individually is an important tool when trying to be creative. Lastly, head of the dance department and teacher,  Mincey states, she makes choreography creative by, “thinking of different ways to manipulate the body, the atmosphere and through pictures.” When asked how she helps students stimulate creativity, she commented, “I usually try to get them out of their environment, move around the room, or put them in a different mindset.”

    Anyone can apply these tips to their own life, but being original and true to yourself  is one of the easiest. Even simple things in life require creativity, like making dinner or deciding how to get ready, eat breakfast, walk the dog, and drive to school in thirty minutes because you woke up late. These strategies only take your commitment and can improve daily life. Here’s a list of other strategies below:

    • Find inspiration in unlikely places
    • Write down any thought, idea, or question to come back to later
    • Go out of your comfort zone
    • Make creativity a habit
    • Find time to engage in physical activity or activities outside

    To conclude, it is also important to remember not to compare your “art” to others and that someone else’s definition of creativity does not diminish the value of someone else’s work because art is subjective.

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